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Organisation and structuring

In line with our core competencies we develop the individual legal organisation and structures for businesses, foundations and further legal forms, and support them in their development with respect to changing circumstances.

Initial structures

This includes in the area of initial structures in particular advice on the appropriate legal form and the formation of the business activities in all its aspects (including the impact on disclosure obligations) and the creation of a contractual base (e.g. articles of association and ancillary agreements such as voting trust and pooling agreements) as well as the rules for cooperation, including with management (e.g. employment contracts, by-laws) and committees (e.g. rules of order).

Consistency with the shareholding is achieved through concurrent personal arrangements (e.g. marriage contracts and testamentary dispositions).

Development of structures

We advise our clients in the development of their structures in terms of succession structuring and changes required due to the external circumstances, but also changes due to internal conditions, such as in terms of solutions for different shareholder interests.

This concerns, for example, the areas of capitalisation (e.g. mezzanine financing, IPO) and debt financing (e.g. structured credit facilities), conversions (legal form changes, amalgamations, demergers, etc.), the purchase and sale of businesses, dispute arrangements, succession planning (for example, by foundation concepts), compliance regulations, establishment of domestic and foreign associated companies, joint ventures and cooperations, in each case where relevant also with respect to antitrust issues.